Austin’s official motto is the live music capital of the World; this is because of any given night, where one can find over one hundred venues show-casting a wide variety of affordable or free live music performances. It is also famed for the SXSW and the Austin City Limits Music Festivals which showcase an electric array of live musical talents from across the globe. visit this link here!

Therefore, the greatest concentrations of music venues in Austin are located around 6th Street, the Warehouse District, Downtown, Central East Austin, South Congress, the Red River District, the University of Texas, South Lamar and also South Austin. The modern definition of Austin music, which emerged in 1972 when a new form of country music exploded on the scene that turned its back on Nashville and embraced the counterculture

Musical Styles

Austin’ most well-known musical styles are varieties of country music, where in 1970s the progressive country and cosmic cowboy movements were established. There is also the history of Blues music which was developed by the 1950s in the Negro district of East Austin; it was one of the several places on the Chitlin circuit. The following are various venues in Austin following the earliest venues which used desegregation was Charlie’s Playhouse in East Austin and further desegregation which occurred there as time passed.

Austin has a thriving scene with a huge variety of dive bars, honky tonks saloons and even a theatre show-casting everything from big-name acts to country singer, jazz crooner and edgy newcomers;

  1. The White Horse

This venue draws tattooed rockabillies, two-stepping retirees and also the hipsters in rocker jeans. Inside the building is dark, dank and unadorned. It features some of the Austin’s best new country talent almost every corner.

  1. Sahara Lounge

This venue has stepped in to keep the long musical history of the building alive. However, the ramshackle structure on Webberville Road is not much to look at but its walls are coated with the historic sweat of a thousand raucous, blues-fuelled dance parties.

  • Elephant Room

singThis venue has dedicated jazz spots, the venue’s neon sign gleam at knee-level on Congress Avenue downtown, beckoning audiences to the cosy basement space.


  1. Paramount Theatre

This venue is originally featured Vaudeville and variety shows and continues to book a broad assortment of offerings from comedy to film screenings to live music.

  1. Victory Grill

This venue help to serve black soldiers returning from the Second World War and it quickly became a hotspot for blues and jazz. read more from

  1. Beer Land

It is a former furniture barn rowdy venue which is located in Austin Red River music district. The owner have served up noisy fare, bringing in punk, metal and garage bands and also inviting fans to join them in an all-out orgy of loud music and cheap beer.

  • The Carousel Lounge

It embodies all the oddness that Austin has to offer. It has low, single-storey building painted with a circus motif; the place feels like a David Lynch set come to life. The venue books mall local rock, indie and also experimental acts that support the Austin music scene at its most grassroots.