The U.S state of Texas has been a center for musical innovation for long and it is the birthplace of many notable musicians. The Texas pioneered developments in Tejano and Conjunto music, western swing, jazz, punk rock, country, hip-hop, electronic music, gothic industrial music, religious music, mariachi, psychedelic rock and also the blues.

The is however the digital companion to the Texas Music Scene television series, which is hosted by nine-time Grammy winner Ray Benson. Therefore, the Texas music scene television series features both the young artists and also the legends that have come to define the music scene. The Texas Music Scene which is now the entering into its second full year on the air, it is the top rated show in its time period and is now seen by many viewers each weekend in every city and town across Texas as well as on channels in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.

Texas is therefore filled with the amazing venues from the dustiest 100-year bars to brand new, state-of-the-art theaters built for broadcasting to the world. There are several to country music venues in Texas comprising of venues from all over the state each add something unique and special to the overall Texas music scene, which include the following;

The White Horse

The White Horse makes the cut because there simply isn’t another place like it in Texas. It has modest stage hosts live music from up-and-comers seven nights a week and more often than not one can dig what he/she hears. read top article!

The Broken Spoke

This is the one of the last true Texas dance halls where weekly residencies ranging from local favorites keep folks coming back.

The Continental Club

It was opened in 1957 as swanky dinner spot hosting big touring acts like Glen Miller and also a burlesque club in the 60s. When it came into 70s, it hosted all kinds of Texas legends from Joe Ely to Steve Ray Vaughan and others. Nearly, today time the Continental still has classic vibe to it while hosting Austin up-and-comers and mainstays all the same.

The Little Longhorn Saloon

singingThis Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon is an Austin treasure which hosts all kinds of Ameripolitan music every week and it is indeed the original home of Chicken Shit Bingo, a Sunday attraction that draws thousands of tourists from the entire world every month.

Firehouse Saloon

It has been known venue to support and boost Texas musician to the next level, which is famously including Miranda Lambert. The Firehouse Saloon is the venue which is staple in the Texas music scene.

John T. Floore’s Country Store

This venue has been serving up two amazing thing for a long time which include; kickass tamales and kickass country music. check the news from

Cowboy Bar Dancehall

It has great mix between classic and new, and it is entirely the routine host the top Texas and touring acts but keep a huge and wide open dance floor going at all times. It features great sound and every now and then real professional Bull Riding events.