The Johnny Dee and Rocket 88 team love hosting oldies themed parties. Our shindigs’ success depends on precise planning, a wicked budget, and going the extra mile to make the event memorable. If you want to host a legendary oldies bash, start by developing a detailed itinerary. Let Johnny Dee help you: use our guide to kick off your party planning preparations.


Set a Budget

Write a list of all the supplies that you need for the party; keep it basic and only buy items that are absolutely necessary for the oldies theme. Stay frugal with your spending but don’t be afraid to add a few extra items if they enhance the party’s atmosphere. Use the finished list to research prices at your favorite department stores, party outlets, and specialty retailers. Calculate the average prices from each store, and then set the budget based on them.

Generate extra money for the party by co-hosting and sharing costs, charging a small entry fee, selling things at the party, or raising money before the bash.

Pick a Theme

The oldies music genre encompasses a wide range of music eras, styles, and artists, so this theme opens the door wide open for freedom of creative expression. If you are blanking on theme ideas, we have a few suggestions:

  • Icons figures or musical artists of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s
  • The 50s
  • The 60s
  • The 70s
  • The 80s
  • Motown stars
  • Classic television characters
  • Classic rock and roll
  • Old hollywood
  • Classic Cartoons
  • Victorian monsters

Encourage creativity by writing a dress code for the guests, which can set the terms on how much effort they need to put into their costumes. Next work on picking a place for the event, group activities, and food to serve.


Set the Location

The budget will be the main factor in determining whether the event occurs in your home or at a bigger venue. Pick a venue that fits well with the party theme. An upscale hotel works well for old hollywood themed parties, and a disco is the quintessential environment for a 70s themed get together.

For decorating tips, research the overall spirit of the era; use pictures as a reference to the look of parties during those decades. Save money, and time, by using both bought and created decorations.


Plan the Activity

Decide whether the party’s activity will also follow the oldies theme, or whether you want to go rogue with it and focus on fun more than facts. Here’s our list of possible party activity ideas:

  • Card games, such as Blackjack and Uno
  • Scavenger hunt around the city, venue, or your home
  • Oldies trivia
  • Guess that song
  • Board games, such as Clue, Scrabble, Taboo, Twister, and Pictionary


For small gatherings, also encourage guests to bring their own games or suggested activities.


Feed Guests

Research the popular food dishes of that era. Elevate them by modernizing them a bit, or let them be inspired by the classic dishes. You may be able to even locate a cookbook from that era in your local library, or through an older family member.

For picky eaters, consider having several spreads of food: the first with foods that match the theme, the second with modernized versions, the third with just basic party foods, and the fourth with vegetarian or vegan options.


Let the Music Play

Start by finding the right speaker system. Invest in a quality music player and projector, not just for your party but as a music lover. Purchase them at discount device and electronic stores like AT&T. Find even bigger savings by searching through AT&T’s Groupon coupon page for discount codes.